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Jaime Izquierdo, LMT, RMT, CBP


We have two identities, our ‘Worldly Identity’ where we are part of our daily life; and our ‘Cosmic or Universal identity’ where we recognize we are a part of our Universe.

We grow up focused on our world first, and live convinced for many years that this is our reality. As we leave our homes and enter the world on our own, we question our values and the believe system we inherit and we develop a conscious relationship with our universe. This is the ‘spiritual journey’ we are all suppose to undergo.

We begin to see that our ‘reality’ is our participation in the wholeness of our universe. This expansion of our cosmic identity happens in the form of insights and realizations, until we come to understand we are not separate entities, living isolated lives on earth, but integral parts of our Cosmic Universe.

Whereas we used to stress trying to control everything in our lives, we now follow the guidance of our universe and accept the result of our actions as direction and guidance.

We slowly abandon the never-ending pattern of short-lived happiness and frustration we drew from superficial things, and unfulfilling pleasures; instead we begin to experience inner peace and lasting happiness.

We gain respect for all living beings and develop empathy and respect for all of our human conditions. We stop judging and instead look at ourselves and learn to repair our character defects. We abandon dysfunctional patterns and engage with unconditionally loving relations. We make peace with our past and use our experiences to understand and help others. We become healers.

Our Ego that separated our two identities deflates and we begin to live a conscious spiritual life. We no longer feel more or less important. We experience through moments of meditation to feel happier and less stress; and learn to communicate with our universe.

The world that once had grown to be hardship becomes a myriad of opportunities to make our journey in this life a happy one. Our contribution becomes important.

We finally come to understand that our thoughts come to us from the universe, guiding us in our individual journey as it is designed for us.

Fear becomes a clear sign to take an action in order to grow spiritually. We learn to trust in the signs and opportunities that come our way. Our experiences become important elements of our individual participation.


I split my time between Miami Beach and New York City, but attend by phone to clients living as far as Dubai, South America and the Caribbean. My Services include Healing with Hands and Massage Therapy, Reiki, Bodytalk System, Distance/Remote Healing, and Holistic Relationship Counseling in person or over the phone. Treatments are holistic and can address wellness at all levels, illness, exercise and diet, addiction to alcohol or drugs, emotional issues and depression, belief systems and philosophical conflicts affecting your life, relationships, love and sex in marriage, Holistic Marital Counseling and avoiding divorce by addressing the correct issues, meditation practice, and more. This is energy therapy that works at deep consciousness levels; "A journey from medication to meditation'. You get results from the first session.


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"I have found my experiences with Jaime to be uniquely supportive of not just my own personal healing and growth, but also for that of my family. His welcoming and nonjudgmental nature coupled with his skill and expertise as a massage therapist, body talk practitioner, counselor and intuitive have both offered me the opportunity to find comfort in the moment as well as the challenge and tools to develop further my own abilities to become and active healing agent for myself and my family. Jaime's sessions are truly wholistic in nature as they address the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies simultaneously. He generously offers much more than simply a one time meeting, as his follow up guidance and distance treatments, offered without charge, are as supportive of continued growth and healing as the actual physical session. I have had the opportunity to work with several professional therapists and counselors as this is the field of work I specialize in myself. In my experiences, I have found similar professionals who offer commonly expected support and effectiveness, as well as others who offer much more than what they are truly capable of delivering. The effectiveness of a counselor/therapist/healer is limited by the extent to which true mental/emotional/physical/spiritual health and balance is achieved in his or her own personal life experience. It is evident that Jaime has first worked through, and continues to maintain, his own personal clearing, openness and awareness, as he is able to bring about concrete and observable improvement in others with great precision. I would not hesitate to recommend Jaime to anyone seeking true physical and emotional healing or growth."
DL, Miami
March 2, 2014

When I met Jaime, I was fresh out of a relationship that left me completely depleted and destroyed. My world as I knew it had collapsed at all levels, emotional, financial, career, everything…. I had never done a Body Talk Session before, but there is nothing I wouldn’t be willing to try to alleviate my suffering back then. Jaime felt me on the first session and with his acute sense of compassion and loving-kindness nursed me back to regaining a sense of self. His ability to combine his intuitive healing massage with the Body Talk technique, along with his gentle listening ear has guided me into a prompt and durable recovery. I felt the soothing effects of Body Talk Technique from the first session. For all of you out there, who feel like you have lost your North and need to find your center and recalibrate your energy centers, I recommend Jaime wholeheartedly. He will guide you step by step into regaining your dignity through nurturing your inner child and practicing self-love. Jaime’s sincere and gentle approach will give you a new outlook on life and a chance to start your best life now.
F.D.M. Miami, April 2013

 Hi Jaime,
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the holistic massage therapy you are giving me. You are the best, I highly recommend your massages; they are more than massages to heal the body. I don't know how you do it, but at the same time that you address the physical body, you are also addressing emotional issues that are worrying me, and even psychological needs that I was not aware of. During the session, depending on the part of the body you are touching, I find myself relate and remember events or persons I haven't thought of in a long time. Some of these memories are happy, some others not and I drop some tears for a few minutes. Not always do we talk about these memories; however, while you are doing the massage I recognize those issues resolved and no longer affecting me. When the session is over, I feel peaceful and reconciled with myself....then this well-being transforms into perfect events in my daily life...like "magic". It is as if my life gets organized and back on track again. In addition to the physical vitality and radiance I show, everyone comments on how healthy I look.
And now...I wish...that you can help many more people with your holistic massage therapy, because you are unbelievably gifted and unconditionally supportive of your patients.
Thank you and see you soon,
Antonella, Miami

I have been a Bodywork professional for nine years with extensive experience in the Massage Therapy field. I would like to share my experience of a massage I had from Jaime Izquierdo. From the moment he started the session, his touch was literaly a 'healing touch'. I felt as if all my tendons, muscles, bones, even my spirit were healing as he progressed. The massage was like an invitation into his private workshop where I experienced healing at all levels: body, mind and spirit, guided at all times by his touch. Jaime has wonderful technique and intention coming from his heart. He was present at all times as if reading every part of the body and attending to it's needs. After the massage I felt great, recovered, energized, and happy to continue my life. Jaime is a holistic massage therapist one needs to always come back to, an experience to repeat, and healing hands to remember for life.
Jaime, thank you for being in this planet, doing unique and beautiful work with your magic hands.

M,C,C, Miami 2013

"Jaime is not only a very qualified practitioner in Body Talk, he delivers outstanding results. As an artist he is extremely intuitive, a quality that compliments his practice perfectly. He is able to tune into the key issues that you need to work on to heal. After a session with Jaime I invariably feel uplifted and have a clearer mind set, and most importantly find resolutions where needed.
K.H. Miami"

"Hi Jaime, a little note to let you know how well I'm feeling. Bodytalk and meditations are great. Thanks for all your support and have a great weekend."
S.R. Miami, 2013

"Thank you Jaime. You helped me a lot along my journey to discovering my true self; for that I am greatful."
F.D.M. Miami

"Jaime, I wanted to write this email to thank you for the time you took with me today in my reading and body talk therapy.I got out with a smile and a feeling of happiness I haven't experienced in a long time, I know I have a lot to look forward to and I'm very excited about whats ahead. I would love to bring my husband to see you too, got to convince him :) Starting my diet and meditation right away! Got fruits and veggies on the way home like you suggested. Again thank you. I got the call I was so worried about, got a job!!! :) starting this coming week . I would love to have a follow up session next week."
Thank you.
S.W. Miami"

Jaime offers intuitive healing treatments that work at deep consciousness levels. These treatments stimulate and jump healing system of the body toward prompt recovery. Bring specific health issues or life questions to this session. His treatments initiate cumulative recovery that works toward renewed levels of well being. Long-distance sessions are available to address health or performance preparation"


Jaime Izquierdo, LMT, RMT, CBP, AdvMSP
Non-Sectarian Minister
Miami - New York
305 788 3093

Ana Izquierdo, DOM, BA, CBP
Licenced Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Doctor
Miami - New York
305 788 8810

Professional Conferences:

Dear Mr. Jaime Izquierdo,
RE: Acceptance of Abstract No. 34We are pleased to inform you that your abstract entitled:
 "Integration, The Daily Path to Enlightenment Through ‘The Organic Meditation Practice’, copyright 2012" was accepted for Poster presentation at the 2013 ICNM congress. July 7-9, Paris, France
Best Regards,

Shirley Dinenson
Project Manager
ICNM 2013 Secretariat

"The Jerusalem International Conference on Integrative Medicine.
Dear Mr. Izquierdo,
I am pleased to advise that your abstract titled; “Integration, The Daily Path to Enlightenment Through The Organic Meditation Practice” has been accepted for oral presentation at The Jerusalem International Conference on Integrative Medicine, May 13-15, 2012, Jerusalem, Israel



Jaime Izquierdo, CMT, CFA, OMP Instructor, CBP, AdvMSP
Non-Sectarian Minister
Miami - New York
305 788 3093

Ana Izquierdo, DOM, BA, CBP, Adv.MSP
Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Doctor
Miami - New York
305 788 8810


AHMA, American Holistic Medical Association
International Bodytalk Association
South Florida Bodytalk Association
Florida Board of Massage MA73616