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Cancer feeds on acid environments deprived of proper oxygen. This treatment originated in the 1930s and has a history of many testimonials of recuperation from illness including some cancer conditions. APeX is an Oxygen Delivery System that targets and destroys unhealthy cells and oxygenizes healthy ones.

Reading about APaX and the science behind this Nano-Technology made an impact in me. I studied chemistry and biology in college, and even though I did not become a scientist I readily understood how these oxygen clusters could be effective disabling pathogens in the cells. I decided to pursue distributing APeX here as a supplement that might offer curative effects on those in need of alternative healing. 

How much APeX Water should I drink daily? Answer:  The daily recommendation is 2 ounces per day.  In the morning drink 1/2 oz., hold in mouth as long as you can; the longer the better, and then swallow.  Then put approximately 1-1/2 ounces in 1 liter of clean, filtered water.  Drink this throughout the day, in addition to your normal water intake.  Repeat daily.  Note:  1 capful is approximately 1/4 oz.

It is important to understand that although the miracle of APeX Water’s therapeutic effectiveness is related to its ability to deliver oxygen directly into the body’s cells, it is not an oxygen-saturated product.  (There are many products on the market that claim to have super saturation of oxygen.)  APeX Water is not mere oxygenated water.  The oxygen levels in APeX Water, in fact, measure about the same as regular tap water.

The key to APeX Water is that oxygen molecules are bonded to the silver core, by aCovalent Bond, and through the use of the silver nuclei, the oxygen is delivered, past the cell membrane, into the heart of the cell.  APeX Water is a direct cellular infusion, oxygen delivery system.  It has the ability to specifically rout out pathogenic cells, and then, one-by-one, destroy them, without any toxic residue to healthy cells.

There is public information on APeX as a possible curative therapy that was convincing to me, and an APeX case-study that is very clear and informative. It is available to the public for research and individual information:



My girlfriend was diagnosed with breast cancer 
on November 2017.
She underwent one round of chemo and experienced several of the side effects, loss of appetite, disruption of her tastebuds, nausea, and diarrhea. Her health deteriorated from the very start and experienced minot hair loss; it had been expected that she would loose most of it, but the first alternative therapy she used was a Foam Rubber Cap that is first frozen and then used during the chemo treatments. She never lost her hair but had to be very gentle brushing, hair washing was not allowed.

She decided to seek alternative treatments after that. 
She was introduced to the Aquera Frequency and Ultraviolet light therapy, shortly after she started recuperating from her chemo treatment. She started the process in Miami three months ago and the results over this period of time were positive because her tumor stopped growing; the regiment of treatment was rigorous and she spent about six to eight hours sitting or laying down listening to the frequency recordings she received every few days, and simultaneously applying the ultraviolet light with special electronic units. She used as well CBD Hemp oil daily as was suggested to her by the Aquera scientists. 

She also did the two-week baking soda and cider vinegar treatment; along the Aquera Protocol and kept track of the alkalinity factor in her body daily.

In addition she started the APeX water treatment, 2oz-two times a day and drinks as required by the Apex therapy. I was impressed during her last medical exam where she showed one hundred percent oxygenation, after doing the APeX treatment for about one month.

She also changed her diet progressively towards a Vegan regiment, which does not include any animal products; so she is staying away from inflammatory and acidic foods, after getting informed about the consequence of eating meat and dairy. She watched with intensity the documentary 'What the Health' and decided to make a drastic change in her diet.

On February 26, 2018 she underwent a lumpectomy; they found out the tumor had decreased in size one centimeter, and after a biopsy of one lymph node no illness had spread to other parts of the body.

It is safe to say that today she is cancer free; but the doctors are requesting she takes radiation and chemotherapy to narrow the possibilities of recurrence. She is strongly considering these options. 

Fighting cancer is a lonely journey and the decisions are very personal. Alternative Medicine is a lifestyle we are just learning to use. She continues to follow the Aquera therapy, and the APeX protocol, and continues improving on her plant-based diet.

After her personal experience I decided to offer here the APeX water for others in need of Alternative treatment. The margin of income of any sales in this site allows me to maintain this healing blog, and to continue researching alternative cures that might be of educational value for my clients. Healing is my passion and your support is greatly appreciated. 

Please visit my Home Page to learn more about my practice. It is unfortunate I did not know about APeX when my spouse of thirty-five years was diagnosed with Colon Cancer.


My wife was diagnosed with stage-four Colon Cancer on September 2013. She opted to get conventional Chemotherapy but was declared terminal after three rounds of treatment in Miami, the tumors that had shrank slightly after the first treatment had stopped showing any improvement.

We moved to New York City to obtain farther treatment possibilities at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; after an initial interview her new oncology doctor told her she was eligible for surgery and chemotherapy and assured her of a full recovery. 'You will recover fully' was a statement she would repeat at every visit. With this renewed hope, my wife underwent chemo treatments for the next six months, but her health deteriorated steadily until the middle of June 2014. She battled nausea, constipation, pain, loss of appetite, depression, and consumed heavy doses of antibiotics to treat other conditions she experienced as a result of her fragile immune system.

They had implanted a 'port' on her chest that facilitated medication of intravenous medications and the chemo cocktails she received; around late May a second port was implanted in her abdomen to provide chemo directly to the liver and after two treatments her liver died and distended, blocking fluids from circulating and 
she developed Edema in her lower body. 

In the third week of June the doctor told her there was nothing else they could do for her and that it was best if she changed from Chemotherapy to Alternative Medicine cures and was referred to an Acupuncture doctor in their practice. It was too late and my wife died two weeks later 
on July 9, 2014.

During my wife's chemotherapy treatment she was not allowed to incorporate any natural alternatives except Acupunture and Energy medicine, she was treated with Bodytalk, a therapy based on the quantum theory of 'mind over matter'. This therapy is a balancing treatment that helps the body-mind to adapt to the treatments being used, it does not claim to be a cure for any illness.

She was advice not to use any anti-inflammatory supplements or vegetables and instead she was encouraged to eat meat, chicken and fish in her diet, as well as regular food. There was never a suggestion for her to use organic food, or to be aware of toxins in the food she ate, and non of these quality foods were available at the hospital.

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